About VidGrid

VidGrid is a free multiviewer built for news channels by Matt TK Taylor.

It uses YouTube-sourced and other publicly listed and unprotected playlist (m3u8) HLS streams provided by broadcasters to the internet in order to provide streams. It cannot play protected streams such as those protected by YouTube's embedding policy, or by web standards like Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) protection.

If you are a broadcaster who would like your stream removed, please contact me, I'd be happy to do so. I am also open to helping your teams implement the protections suggested to prevent others from doing this.

This is a personal side-project and no infringement of rights is intended. Streams are not hosted, generated, or proxied by this service but instead come directly from publicly accessible and generally broadcaster-endorsed links.


How do I use this?
VidGrid has a preset range of channels, but can play a wide range of internet sources. If you have a source, you can paste it into any of the grid source boxes to try to play it. To change the audio source, click on the channel from which you want to play the audio. Click again on an active channel to close it. You can mute or change the volume using the sidebar. You can also toggle fullscreen mode here, and select from the numbers which video to make active. You can also use your keyboard to change the audio, simply tap 1, 2, 3 or 4 on your number keys to switch the audio. Lastly, you can share your configuration with your friends or colleagues. Simply set up a set of channels, and then copy the link in the address bar. When loaded it will preload your configuration, even if it is custom. This can also be helpful for bookmarking.
Where has this channel gone?
If a channel disappears it is because it is no longer being broadcast legally at the original source. If you have a new source see below.
This channel isn't working.
If a channel appears broken it may be because it is geofenced. Check to see if there is a note next to the channel. If not please reach out.
Can you add a channel?
If you have a legal source for a channel (it must be broadcast by the copyright owner) please reach out and I'd be happy to look into adding it. Please note only globally relevant news channels are likely to be added. Contact me via my details above.
What are the 'Auto' channels?
These are powered by an automated search of YouTube which happens every minute or so automatically in the background. All major broadcasters are included, but if you have one that isn't there, contact me.